by Rachel Hachem

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"Wanna be as confident as a queen..."

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Hey guys!!!!

So this is kind of an old song of mine, over a year old (!!!) but nevertheless one of the ones I'm the most proud of! Plus, it still applies to me, so why not haha

Anyway, this song is very special to me because I wrote it when I was having a VERY bad day- I felt ignored at school, and I felt terrified at the open mic I'd gone to that day, so all my frustrations just came pouring out. I think this is the single most aggressive song I've ever written, actually!

Now, I know what you're all thinking. Who did the artwork? Was it you, Rachel?

The answer is big, resounding NO I DID NOT I DON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF SKILL IT WAS JELLY (I put Jelly's link at the top of the description so fOLLOW)

Anyway, I hope you like it!!


I wish I was ruthless
I wish I was mean
Held my head high like royalty
I wish I was ruthless
I wish I could stand upon a stage
Without feeling out of place
You know what I mean?
Wanna be as confident as a queen
Oh, ruthless
I wish I was ruthless
I wanna be ruthless

Tears come
As easily as opening my eyes
Fears come
As certainly as the dead of night
Without a thick skin
It’s easy to get cold
Everything seeps in
Like lying in the snow
And I know
I see the people come
I see the people go
And I know I must try
And sometimes…

A flower wilting
Without doing a thing
My world is tilting
And all I do is sing
And I can’t
Can’t bring myself to try
Can’t bring myself to fly
And I know that I must
And sometimes…

You can burn like you’re a flame
But it just won’t be the same, same, same


released January 30, 2017
art by @rainingjellyfuc on Twitter!




Rachel Hachem Manassas, Virginia

Just a 17 year old Logic producer and singer making some music :)
Collabs are welcome!!

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